Union Executive Board

President:   Cpl. Jason Moseley

DCA VP (First VP):   Cpl. Yolanda Markham

IAD VP:   Cpl. Stephen Gorden

Secretary:   Cpl. Joseph Spina

Treasurer:   Cpl. John Ivey

ALERT to ALL Members (7/1/22):

All Members are STRONGLY encouraged to request your Union Rep. for any FORMAL Interactions PRIOR to ANY discussion or questioning, with ANY Supervisor, and remain respectfully silent until the Union Rep. arrives, that you believe could, even remotely, lead to discipline. There have been reported instances of Leadership using Informal Interactions to then bring charges against Members based on questions or discussions had "Informally" during witness interviews, or in passing by leading Members to believe it is "just to clear something up" so they can get rid of a "complaint" they received. If you feel that it could lead to Disciplinary Action or Investigation, REQUEST A UNION REP.!!! Remember that there is nothing "Informal" about an interaction that is being recorded, or being questioned about a matter you think may lead to disciplinary action aginst the Member no matter what any Supervisor tells you.

Per The CBA, Article 4, Section 12: 

The Union representative shall be given the opportunity to be present at:

A) Any formal discussion between one or more representatives of the Employer and one or more Bargaining Unit employees or their representatives concerning any grievance, proposed disciplinary action, or personnel policy or practice or general condition of employment (Equal Employment Opportunity complaints are excluded); and

B) Any examination of a Bargaining Unit employee by a representative of the Employer in connection with an investigation (Equal Employment Opportunity complaints are excluded) if:

(1) The employee reasonably believes that the examination may result in disciplinary action against the employee; and

(2) The employee requests representation. 

Please remeber to request your Union Rep. as it makes it much more difficult, if not nearly impossible to help achieve the best outcome for the Member if we are asked for help after things have already gone downhill!

"Speaking with one voice, moving with one purpose."

Metropolitan Washington Airports Police Association
I.U.P.A. Local 5004

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  • The Union Website has been updated with current information and documents: (3/25/22)     -Winegarten Card has been updated                           -NLRB v. Winegarten Inc. (1975) has been                 added for reference.                                                     -Garrity v. State of Nevada (1967) has been               added for reference.                                                     -Garrity v. State of Nevada (1967) for Union               Board has been added for reference.                     -2021 Shift Representative Manual has been             added for reference.


  • Secured Lots: 2/23/2018 (Still active as of 7/1/22):                                                             The Union has served notice on the MWAA Labor Relations Specialist today, requesting Binding Arbitration regarding the Secured Lot requirement at both Airports.  This issue has gone on for far too long with little to no movement by the Authority.  As of 2/23/2018 the request to arbitrate this matter has been submitted.  You can read the entire document as well as the interim remedies requested by clicking the link below.

      Secured Lot Arbitration Request

​​​​​​Local 5004 Shop Stewards


Head Shop Steward - HQ:

Shop Steward - HQ:
Cpl. D. King

Secretary Cpl. J. Spina (Temporary)


Head Shop Steward - DCA:

Shop Stewards - DCA Division 1:
President Cpl. J. Moseley

DCA Vice President Cpl. Y. Markham

Shop Stewards - DCA Division 2:

Shop Stewards - DCA Division 3:
Cpl. G. Price

Cpl. E. Rosario


Head Shop Steward- IAD:
Cpl. C. Coleman​


Shop Stewards - IAD Division 1:
IAD Vice President Cpl. S. Gorden

Cpl. B Shewmaker
Cpl. E. Shewmaker

Shop Stewards - IAD Division 2:
Secretary Cpl. J. Spina

Treasurer Cpl. J. Ivey

Cpl. G. Zegada-Frias

Cpl. S. Norris

Cpl. J. Smith

Ofc. S. Ferreira

Shop Stewards - IAD Division 3: