Metropolitan Washington
Airports Police Association

I.U.P.A. Local 5004

"Speaking with one voice, Moving with one Purpose."

​​Member Information

President - Cpl. Paul Alexander

DCA VP - Cpl. Selena Preston

IAD VP - Cpl. Peter Batista

Secretary - Cpl. Edward Morris

Treasurer - Cpl. John Ivey

​Union Executive Board

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Proposed Amendments to the Union Constitution: 

Please see the attached document regarding proposed amendments to the Union Constitution.  All members are invited to attend our next scheduled meeting at DCA on June 26, 2018 between 1100hrs and 1300hrs to discuss and vote on the amendments.  we will also hold a general membership meeting at a date TBD at IAD in the month of July where members will be given a second opportunity to vote and discuss.   The June 26th meeting location is TBD as well, Members will be notified VIA email of the location.  

Proposed Amendments

  • Unfair Labor Practice Filed RE: Nightpay and Overtime Calculations:  UPDATE  2/23/2018 -    MWAA has issued their response to the Unfair Labor Practice.  The Authority has conceded that the matter of shift differential IS  negotiable as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement but futher requested that the Union withdraw the Unfair Labor Practice charge regarding the Overtime/Sick Leave matter.  The Executive Board voted on 2/21/2018 and has decided to move forward and continue with our efforts on the Unfair Labor Practice, rejecting MWAA's request to withdraw the ULP.  Click the link below to read MWAA's letter as well as the Union response dated 2/23/2018.     

  • UNION ULP RESPONSE                                                                                                                                     
  •  Secured Lot Issues:                                          2/23/2018- The Union has served notice on the MWAA Labor Relations Specialist today, requesting Binding Arbitration regarding the Secured Lot requirement at both Airports.  This issue has gone on for far too long with little to no movement by the Authority.  As of 2/23/2018 the request to arbitrate this matter has been submitted.  You can read the entire document as well as interim remedies requested by clicking the link below.

  • Secured Lot Arbitration Request                                                                                                                                                                
  • PMP Payout Discrepancies:                          A Formal grievance has been filed by President Alexander requesting a review of all members PMP Calculations and Percentage.  Several affected members have already had their percentages corrected and are awaiting retro pay.                                                                                                                                                            
  • Unfair Labor Practice Filed RE: Nightpay and Overtime Calculations:                   Local 5004 Counsel Heidi Meinzer has filed an Unfair Labor Practice on behalf of the Union.  This formally contests the MWAA proposed change to night premium and overtime calculation as a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  This matter has been referred to the the Employee Relations Council Unfair Labor Practice panel for review.                                                                                   If you have any questions regarding this matter please reach out to your shop steward or a member of the executive board. Click the link below to view the full document.                                                                                                                    

Important Updates

 Local 5004 Shop Stewards


Head Shop Steward - HQ
Cpl. K. Shibley

Shop Steward - HQ

Head Shop Steward - DCA
La Jacqueline Biggers

Shop Stewards - DCA - Squad 1

Shop Stewards - DCA - Squad 2

Shop Stewards - DCA - Squad 3


Head Shop Steward- IAD
Cpl. T. Horn

Shop Stewards - IAD - Squad 1
Cpl. E. Shewmaker
Cpl. B Shewmaker

Shop Stewards - IAD - Squad 2
Cpl. S. Clarke
Cpl. M. Garcia

Shop Stewards - IAD - Squad 3
Cpl. D. King
Ofc. G. Zegada-Frias