General Information for Members

We are here to provide information, support, assistance, and representation to the Members of the Union with issues pertaining to negotiable items with MWAA.

Provides general information for members, such as contacting Union Representation to reading Union activity updates.

Contact us for any questions

We provide a wide range of assistance for our Members, or are many times able to connect our Members with the appropriate parties to help them when it is a matter we are unable to help with.

LEGAL, Workers comp, Internal Investigation Information for members

We understand the critical importance of keeping our Members updated and informed about current legal, workers comp, and internal investigation members rights information concerning their Jobs.

Importa​nt Alerts for our members​

We provide any time sensitive information here so our members aware of for any matters ranging from Department violations to Officer Safety Issues that are not restricted information.

The mission of the Metropolitan Airports Police Association is to provide assistance, guidance, and representation for the professional and dedicated law enforcement officers who ensure the safety of the airports of our Nation's Capital, by detecting and deterring crime and ensuring the safety of the airport's employees and patrons. We accomplish this mission every day with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

Welcome to the I.U.P.A. Local #5004 Website!

Metropolitan Airports Police Association, 

I.U.P.A. Local #5004

International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO

MWAA PD Job Information

We provide Law Enforcement services tot eh patrons, employees, and stakeholders of the Nation's two main airports.