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Member Alerts and Important Information

This page is intended to be a single point of reference for Local #5004 Members to be able to be informed and current of questionable acts or violations being and to be cautious of when interacting with management.


If you have received an Official Memorandum from Lt. Randall with the Internal Affairs Unit, it is legitimate and is not an indication of the outcome or severity of your case. Cpl. Moseley has spoken personally with Lt. Randall about it, and it is SOLELY due to the current joint update of G.O. 2.18 Internal Agency Investigations, involving Management and the Union Board, as this will be putting in writing some unwritten procedures and written clarification of disputed procedures, leading to the decision to put cases on hold so that there were no further issues or concerns. Cases that could be placed on hold were, at the direction of management, until the fast-tracked update of the General Order is completed to ensure cases from this point on are receiving the appropriate handling. With that said, the Union Board would like to recognize and thank the management for hearing the concerns and taking the necessary immediate steps to address this matter in the most appropriate way for everyone in the given circumstances.

Metropolitan Airports Police Association, 

I.U.P.A. Local #5004

International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO